Here IT Is

Play it son, like you mean it. It is not a game until you plug in your stick and turn on your saga gensis, like bosses do it.

Today we were in one of the most exotic party buses around. It was plush from the inside out. Digital screens in the back,

striper pole in the middle (we did not partake lol). Plush leather seating that wraps around the bus for days… days I tell ya!

The driver was prompt, friendly and knew his way around. That is so important for a hired chauffer, espcially when New Orleans can get pretty

wild. We went bar hoping for my buddies bday, needless to say we wil never forget! Shout out to Party Bus Inc in the city of NOLA!!!

For Hire



In this day in age, it is of the most importance to practice professionalism. I know what you are thinkg… is ‘Method’ really going to grill me with a self improvement speech? Indeed. But listen, whatever you are doing always do it with some authority!

Take for instance when I hired a contractor for my home, we went into great detail in explaining what it will take to really make this bad boy something I can be proud of. The cost materials, the ideas. Someone who listened to what I had to say and then would help guide me on costs, and then would also help me meet middle ground with some of his ideas.

These guys were Custom Builders Inc, where they could be found at They broke down a plan of action, estimate and then we were on our way from there. Being in the moment and attentive and solving someones needs is the first step to being a successful entreprenuer.


Funny Quote –

“If you cannot be on the project each day to check on things, then you should not try and be your own contractor.”

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